SAP Community Day London – April 2008

It started as an idea here.

Nigel James plugged it here.

Now, it has a life of its own on the SDN Wiki, here.

The Community Day at TechEd Munich was transformational for me in one major respect – it turned my perception of the SAP Community Network from a really useful website and bunch of forums into a genuine community of really talented people, some of whom I got to know a little better. TechEd as a whole is a great conference from an educational point of view, but nothing packs a bang-for-your-buck punch like the Community Day. Instead of SAP telling you what’s what, your in a room with some of the best minds in SAP practice – some from SAP but most from customers, partners and consultancies – discussing topics which you as a group have decided are worth talking about. It’s like being able to design your own perfect conference from scratch.

More Community Day photos by Gregor Wolf

TechEd Community Day 2007 - plenty of technology... (Photo: Gregor Wolf)

So now it’s time to do this in London instead of Central Europe. The beer may be warmer, and the comfort food may be more fish’n’chip oriented, but the meeting of minds will be as good as ever.

Please go over to the Wiki page and add your name to the comments page if you’re interested in learning several things about SAP and what it could do that you never thought possible.

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